We Are MODI Group

After working in the culinary marketing world for over 12 years with a #1 brand, I finally stepped out on faith to create my own agency. During my years doing marketing for Le Cordon Bleu I saw how food was bigger than meat, fish and produce. It was truly the heartbeat of any culture. No matter where you go in the world, the food tells the story of the culture. It connects us in a way we don’t even understand. It changes our moods, it is a constant in our lives. 

Meeting so many great Chefs and attending so many events across the nation I saw that culinary was here to stay. What was missing in the industry was people dedicated to seeing it branded at the highest level. With the rise of social media platforms, food is one of the most shared products.  Now more than ever must the Chef take control of their brand. Now more than ever are people wanting great experiences to share with friends and followers. now more than ever are food festivals in need or creative ways to get attendees. 

MODI Group was created for just that reason, we are still in the early phases of our boutique agency; however, we invite you to join us as we continue to grow. 


Founder Sean M. Rush